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Mar 2, 2014 9:00am EST
again, i think there ar some tax breaks and a good to the from clean energy earned income tax credit that encourages lower income americans to work. >> what w really interesting was that we saw big banks and wall street come out against ththis tax bil tax bill that everyonenows is going nowher they wanto make it clear that they are defending their turf and nonliving a t toretical ground on this, making sure republicans know that they need to heed what wall street wants oror else there will be cut off from donations. >> end of this session on tax reform. was a nice effort. and one still worth h discussin. when we come bacack, our next gut saysys the u.s. is made serious mistakes post-9/11 and it is impacting the economy. stay tuned for her prescription on what needs to happen. welcome back k to our next andt isuthor xime ortiz editorial writer for the "washingto tim." she has writitten a ovococative book called "shock and awing of america." welcome to "washington business report." i think this book is really an interesting read on so many levels. would yoargue is we took the wrong les
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1